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26 Aug

FSC: The Landmark Cal/OSHA Ruling on Condoms

Yesterday, Treasure Island Media announced that their six-year investigation with Cal/OSHA over the use of condoms had concluded with a whopping $685 fine for the company. In a press release, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which initiated the investigation, tried to save ...

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24 Aug

Update to Performers Regarding Medical Records and Privacy

Last week Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) sent subpeonas to performer testing facilities and clinics requesting performer medical information. We at FSC/PASS believe that this action violates Federal HIPAA regulations as well as California patient privacy laws. As a response, we ...

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20 Aug

Alert: Weinstein Subpoenaing Performer Medical Records

Earlier this week, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) served several testing centers with subpoenas, asking them to turn over confidential patient privacy data as part of their lawsuit on Measure B. This is a clear HIPPA violation, and an affront ...

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17 Jul

Michael Weinstein One Step Closer to Becoming ‘Porn Czar’

Michael Weinstein announced that he’s gathered the signatures needed for his 2016 ballot initiative, which would install the controversial anti-sex crusader as California’s first ‘Porn Czar.’ This is no surprise — he has already spent over a million dollar to ...

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21 May

Adult Performers and Public Health Experts Join to Oppose Cal/OSHA Regulations at San Diego Hearing

Adult performers and producers joined with infectious disease specialists and public health experts to voice strong opposition to proposed Cal/OSHA regulations, which could require adult performers to use condoms, dental dams and goggles while shooting adult film, at a hearing ...

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