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About .XXX Registrar Prices


As adult business owners try to determine options for their businesses concerning .XXX, it’s critical for them to know the cost of .XXX domain names. Unfortunately, as with much of the information distributed about .XXX, it seems like a lot of “smoke and mirror” activity is covering up the actual costs of .XXX domain names. During the .XXX debate in London, the CEO of DomainMonster corrected FSC Executive Director Diane Duke when she stated that the cost of a .XXX domain name for the first year would be $199.  DomainMonster’s CEO stated emphatically that the price was $74. Ms. Duke quoted the price for someone to purchase their trademarked name for the first year. The CEO from DomainMonster quoted a price for general availability - AND he neglected to state that the price of $74 was only for businesses who committed to a contract for the domain name for a term of 25 YEARS!
Clearly, information about real numbers for real costs is needed. FSC painstakingly went through each link to registrars from ICM’s site and created a table of prices for our members and all adult business owners to consider. This table of Registrar Prices for .XXX domains covers the first year (including registration fees) for Sunrise AT (trademark holders), Sunrise AD (.com associated names), Sunrise B (trademarks wishing to block) and Landrush (pre-registered). These numbers were the prices listed at the time this report was created. Links are provided so the viewer can confirm current prices.
Buyer Beware!
Registration fees are non-refundable and stories are already surfacing about application rejections. Encira, one of ICM’s registrars is reporting that 50% of Sunrise A Applications are being rejected (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/09/29/mistakes_rife/) by ICM leaving applicants without their domain name OR their registration fee-where did the money go?


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