Diane Duke, Executive Director

Diane Duke is the Executive Director of Free Speech Coalition (FSC), the nonprofit trade association for the adult entertainment industry in the U.S.

Duke replaced the FSC’s former executive director in November 2006. Prior to her position at FSC, Duke was senior vice president at Planned Parenthood Health Services of Southwestern Oregon. Her duties there included overseeing and implementing the organization’s annual budget, as well as strategic planning for the organization and several of its clinics.

With almost three decades of working in nonprofits, Duke also has served on the Human Rights Commission and was instrumental in battling Oregon’s ballot measure 36, which would have allowed the State Constitution to be rewritten and potentially prohibit same-sex marriage.

“I am incensed by our government’s attack on, and blatant disregard for, the Bill of Rights,” Duke said when she assumed the duties of FSC Executive Director. “What we view and read and what happens between consenting adults are fundamental freedoms. I am thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to lead an organization that has been so effective at protecting free speech and the right to privacy; an organization that insists upon government accountability.”

During her time at FSC, Duke has lobbied on behalf of the adult entertainment industry to legislators and regulators, on important issues including burdensome and unconstitutional 18 U.S.C. § 2257 regulations; she has led the opposition to the .XXX sTLD for adult online businesses; she has been instrumental in developing the FSC Anti-Piracy Action Program (, which offers anti-piracy options to both content producers and tubesite operators; she continues to represent the adult industry in ongoing negotiations with CalOSHA to develop industry-appropriate regulations for safety on adult production sets; Duke also has lobbied at a state and federal level, and in 2009, was part of a team of adult industry stakeholders that lobbied successfully against an additional sales tax being placed on adult products and other “harmful” material.

In addition to her work in the legislative arena, Duke has been a pro-adult industry voice to the public and media, as well as lawmakers and academics. She continues to contribute to FSC mission of promoting and protecting the welfare of all adult industry businesses and members of the adult industry community.

Duke has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Oregon.

Joanne Cachapero, Communication/Membership Director

Joanne Cachapero’s career in the adult industry began in 2005 as a free-lance writer, eventually becoming an in-house editor at XBIZ Magazine in 2007. Her work has been featured in Playgirl Magazine and various regional mainstream publications. As a journalist, Cachapero has covered every sector of the industry including video, online, novelty/retail, GLBT, as well as reviews and event coverage.

In 2008, Cachapero transitioned to Membership/Communications Director of the Free Speech Coalition. A writer’s skillset, marketing background and a talent for social media allowed an opportunity to re-image the FSC brand, both within and outside of the adult industry.

Cachapero produced two PSAs for FSC’s Anti-Piracy Action Program; the videos have a total of more than 750,000 YouTube views and have been featured in Wired Magazine, the NY Times and The Economist. FSC’s “Say NO to .XXX” protest, in March, was covered by the Washington Post, NY Times, Bloomberg and various national publications. Currently, she provides content for the FSC Blog, FSC Twitter page and oversees media relations for the trade association.