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11 Jun

Free Speech Coalition Statement: Free Speech and Personal Privacy

In the past few years, the adult industry has seen a rise in “outings’ of adult performers and other adult industry workers, often with the intent to harm the person’s personal or professional life. We see it most frequently on ...

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12 Feb

50 Shades of Censorship

Whatever your opinion of the film and books, the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon is being treated as if it were the final victory over prudish sex censors. But the real answer is a bit more complicated. For three decades, ...

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04 Feb

Buy a #$@&%!! FSC T-shirt!

Free Speech Coalition is selling T-shirts and proceeds are going to fund legal advocacy for adult businesses. E-XXX-PRESS your right to free speech and tell everyone how you feel about adult entertainment! Only $20! The front of the shirt says, ...

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13 Dec

FSC Supports the Fight Against ISP Blocking in the UK

The Free Speech Coalition is pleased to be able to join with the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) at the UK’s Authority of Television On Demand (ATVOD) conference: “For Adults Only — Protecting Children From Online Porn” The two ...

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24 Feb

Free Speech Pioneer, Publisher Barney Rosset Dies at 89

We live in a country were, as Americans, we have unprecedented freedoms and rights. The First Amendment, which provides us with freedom of speech and expression, is first for a reason. Because great minds knew that without open exchange of ...

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