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12 Feb

50 Shades of Censorship

Whatever your opinion of the film and books, the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon is being treated as if it were the final victory over prudish sex censors. But the real answer is a bit more complicated. For three decades, ...

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20 Feb

FSC’s Douglas, Duke Attend the Dirty, Sexy Policy Conference

Free Speech Coalition Board Chair Jeffrey Douglas and CEO Diane Duke will attend and speak at the Sexy, Dirty Policy Conference, held by the Carsey-Wolfe Center at University of California, Santa Barbara, on Feb 20 – 21. The conference will ...

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24 Feb

John Stagliano Issues Statement on Pornography Harms, Moralists That Want to Restrict Your First Amendment Rights

This letter was sent out via PRNewswire today: Today, noted adult film pioneer and first amendment activist John Stagliano decried the recent attacks on personal liberties by self-styled moral crusaders who are taking their own liberties with the truth about ...

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